So your looking for the best gym shoes you can buy and aren’t sure where to start? well you came to the right place. Before we begin “gym shoes” can vary depending on what activities you are doing most in the gym, so I will explain the different types of shoes you can expect to amplify your workouts. If you have been wearing that same pair of old running shoes all around in the gym the time to upgrade is now. Different type of shoes are made for different purposes and if your wearing the right shoes you will see your workouts improve and lower your risk of injury significantly.

metcon 1 green Cross training shoes best shoes for the gym? If your asking your self what are cross training shoes you came to the right place, Cross training shoes are a stable light shoe that is made to do pretty much what ever your workout demands.  If your looking for the best all around gym shoe cross trainers are probably what you need; they are great for lifting weights, doing agility exercises, climbing ropes, box jumps, and for running short distances. They eccentialy took many needed features of different type of shoes and rolled them in to one functional package. They gained popularity some years ago with CrossFit but all different types of gym goers are thankful for the versatile shoes.

Generally they have a low heel to toe drops and don’t have as much cushion in the sole as running shoes which  provide a stable base for lifting weights. The sole of the shoe is not only wide but is also flexible which provide support, stability, and allow for quick lateral or side to side movements. Most of the newer Cross Training shoes are mesh at the top to help with ventilation and help keep them light weight.  Cross Trainers are generally have a wider front or toe box that allows your toes to expand which helps provide stability for lifting. Last but not least these shoes are generally made of very durable materials however they will obviously wear down depending on usage. Most of the pairs we review will fall around the hundred dollar range. Read on to learn more and find the best cross training shoe for you.






Weightlifting shoes  best shoes for lifting weights? Weightlifting shoes have been around for a long time however for many years there wasn’t much of a choice in shoes and they didn’t look that appealing to the eye. However you are spoiled now with plenty of choices of shoes in this category and most don’t look too bad either.

Weightlifting shoes are used for olympic lifts, mainly the squat, snatch, clean and jerk. They feature a solid raised heel (usually .75″) which helps your body naturally go lower during squats. This is because the raised heel allows you body to stay in a more upright position and is especially beneficial if you lack ankle mobility. Generally lifters making the switch to weight lifting shoes will see a decent increase in their squatting weight.


They offer more support then those shoes you been wearing to the gym and not just underneath your foot, from all around. The strap that you will see on weight lifting shoes ensures that you get a firm fit that laces alone can not provide. The stability they provide doesn’t stop there remember that raised heel i talked about earlier? Well back in the day they used to make it from wood but now they use TPU or thermoplastic Polyurethane which is known for its durability and hardness. Speaking of durability most of these shoes will take years of abuse because of their durable materials and design. The downside to these shoes is they are one trick pony’s, while they are extremely valuable for olympic lifts that’s where their effectiveness stop.  Most of the shoes we will be reviewing are priced in the upper hundreds. If this sounds like the shoe for you please see our reviews to find the best weight training shoe for you.





Running shoes are obviously great for running but they also can help combat a lot of problems people get from running including shin splints, runners knee, and stress fractures. They generally use lots of cushion and flexible soles to keep you comfortable while running, allowing you to got further without injury. There are also shoes minimalist running shoes that have a zero to  low heel toe drop which is the difference of the height of the heel and the height of the toes. These shoes have very little cushion under your feet and offer a lightweight barefoot like feel. However while running shoes are great for running many of them are not stable enough for heavy compound lifts.

Please note that as of now we have not begun to review running shoes but we hope to expand our reviews shortly, one of the main reasons for our delay is that the best running shoes for an individual can vary immanency depending on you foot type and distance you will be running. In the meantime you can  can check out Amazon to view running shoes.



Now that you know the different type of shoes and have an idea of what you want allow us to give you in depth reviews and comparisons of the best shoes for the gym. We judge these shoes on many different factors including stability, comfort, price, specs, durability, and average owner reviews. Please remember it is crucial to pick a shoe that fits with your workout program and look to at all the features a shoe provides before making your decision.



Cross Training shoe Reviews

Best Gym Shoes 2016

NIKE-CROSS-TRAINER-704688_313_A_PREM(3)Nike Metcon 1Lightweight
Beautiful design
Slightly expensiveamazon big button5 stars
inove8Inove 8 F-lite 235Affordable price
All around strong shoe
Barefoot like feel
Little cushioning makes them not great for running 
Lack of color choices
amazon big button4.5 stars
nb minimus 20v4New Balance Minimus 20v4Lightweight 
Cheaper then alternatives
Barefoot like feel
Little cushioning makes them not great for running amazon big button4.5 stars
nanao 5.0 sideReebok Nano 5.0Light weight
Strong materials
Many different colorways
Some wont like that crossfit is written all over themamazon big button5 stars


The Nike Metcon 1 are the most cushioned in this group second to the Nanos. While not nearly as cushioned as a running shoe these are the best cross training shoes for running that we have reviewed. They also provided great support and we felt as if lateral movements where easier and more precise in the Metcons. However its a give and take, if you never plan on running in your cross trainers then the Nanos might be more suited for you.


The Inove-8 F-Lite 235 are not only lightweight but they are also so low to the ground you will feel like your in your socks the first time you put them on. They are also zero drop meaning there is no difference between the height of your heel and you toe which helps make it a great platform for lifting weights. The same thing that makes them great for lifting weights decreases their appeal as a cross training shoe that you can comfortably run in, if you do a lot of running look at Metcon’s and the Nano’s.


The New Balance Minimus MC20v4 wins the weight battle being the lightest of the group at an amazing 6.5 oz. They also provide a great sole made by Vibram which is definitely one of the best in its class. They are low to the ground which helps provide confidence while doing heavy compound lifts. Like the Inove-8’s they are not the best cross trainers  for running due to their low amount of cushioning (look at the Nano’s and the Metcon’s). If lightweight and a barefoot like stable platform is what you are looking for look no further then the new balances. We felt these are probably the best straight up lifting shoe because they provide awesome grip and the low to the ground fell helped provide confidence while doing some heavier compound lifts.


Reebok Nano 5.0 While our top four Cross training shoes all all great choices there are some decent differences between them. The Nanos are the reigning king and the 5.0’s continue that streak however this time its a tie between them and the Metcons. They are both great all around shoes however we feel like the Nanos have a slight edge in lifting stability. They have a little less cushioning in the sole which provides a great platform for lifting weights.





Weight Training Shoe Reviews


romaleos whiteNike RomaleosTwo straps give Sturdy fit
Plenty of color choices
Awesome look
Synthetic Leatheramazon big button5 stars
addidas adipowerAdidas AdipowersSuper durable
Real Leather
Sturdy as they come
Lack of color choicesamazon big button5 stars
do win smallPendlay Do WinInexpensive
Comes with warranty
Only three color choices
Not as well built as Romaleos & Adipowers
amazon big button4.5 stars
powerlifts frontAdidas PowerliftsInexpensive
Lots of color options
Great starter weight training shoe
Cheaper materials then the more expensive shoesamazon big button4.5 stars



The Nike Romaleos are a great match for the Adipowers, they competitive in in every category with only slight differences. The place where they really shine is in giving a secure tight feel which is a big deal when you are have a huge amount of weight on your back. They also come in plenty of colorways so you can lift that heavy weight in style.


Adidas Adipowers continue Adidas’s legacy of making great Weight Lifting shoes. They really are the champion of this class of shoe and are hard to beat. First of all they are tanks, with a great build quality and top of the line materials they will last you years. The are great at what they are made to do, lifting weights. They are as stable as any of the competitors and provide many welcomed features.


The Adidas Powerlift 2’s aren’t  as traditional as the other shoes listed here but they do provide some versatility in a class of shoes that are generally very limited. They do not provide as much of a sturdy surface in the heel as the other weightlifting shoes do but get the job done to a certain point. They are made of inexpensive materials compared to the other shoes we compared them to. At the same time they will cost you in some cases over 60% compared to the others. If you never owned a pair of weight lifting shoes before they are a great first choice to see if its for you.


Pendlay Do Wins are a great choice if you are looking for a good weightlifting shoe but not trying to break the bank. While they can keep up in most categories the build quality is lacking compared to the Romaloes and the Adipowers. However the Pendlays do come with a warranty unlike the others proving they are confident in the shoe they put out.



We are here to provide accurate unbiased opinions and reviews of shoes used in the gym. Our purpose is to help the user make an intelligent informed decision when choosing there next purchase of footwear. Currently we review the best cross training shoes and the best weightlifting shoes but we hope to expand our reviews to include other athletic footwear categories. If you have any comments , suggestions, or questions about us or the products we review please let us know at support@bestgymshoes.com.

All reviews made on this website are based on our unbiased opinion; We judge shoes on price, stability, comfort, versatility, appearance, average user reviews, and more. We are here to put all the information we can find in one central location and help the user make an informed decision.