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When I was a kid I played every sport there was and around high school I started to lifting weights with my football team. Funny thing is I ended up liking lifting weights more then I did playing football and continued to work out long after my football “career”. As a certified gym rat I definitely have experimented with a lot of different gym shoes and I realized how confusing choosing a good pair of shoes can be. For one a lot of these shoes aren’t carried in your local stores so you have to do the research and hope for the best. Well I decided that there needed to be a central place that could make these decisions easier and thats when I created BestGymShoes.com.



We are here to provide accurate unbiased opinions and reviews of shoes used in the gym. Our purpose is to help the user make an intelligent informed decision when choosing their next purchase of athletic footwear. Currently we review the best cross training and weightlifting shoes but we hope to expand our reviews to include other athletic footwear categories. If you have any comments , suggestions, or questions about us or the products we review please let us know at support@bestgymshoes.com.


All reviews made on this website are based on our unbiased opinion; We judge shoes on price, stability, comfort, versatility, appearance, average user reviews, durability, and more. We are here to put all the information we can find in one central location and help the user make an informed decision.


Medical Disclaimer We at Bestgymshoes.com are not doctors and should not be viewed as such. You should always consult with a trained physician  before starting any exercise program or workout routine. 


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We sincerely hope that we are able to help make your decision in gym shoes as easy as possible.