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Adidas has been a leader in the weightlifting shoe market for over forty years and they haven’t disappointed with their latest addition. Before I start this review let me briefly describe what true weightlifting shoes are and how they can benefit you. Weightlifting shoes have a hard raised heel which gives you a stable surface and allow you to go deeper in your squats especially if you lack ankle mobility. It is not uncommon to see people report huge improvements in the weight they are able to squat in weightlifting shoes compared to others. Weightlifting shoes are not all around gym shoes they are used for a few Olympic lifts and then can be swapped out for other shoes. The reason being is the raised heel is not an ideal position for many lifts. Generally they are used for different variations of squats or power cleans.



The Adipowers start making the case for best weightlifting shoe as soon as you lay eyes on them. The sleek look and high quality leather tell you they mean business. Although they are lacking color choices with only two current colorways the two they have are very neutral with a red/black and a white/black.

The .75 inch heel is made of TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane just like is Nike competition. TPU adds the ample support and density needed for those heavy squats that your doing or wish to do. A well placed single strap design allows you to get a tighter fit then laces alone would provide.


adipower heel

adipower grip

amazon big buttonThe Adipowers are known to be unmatched in durability and can usually last over five years when used properly. Adiwear outsole is a welecomed addition because it adds durability to the place you need it most the sole. As far as sizing goes the Adipowers are true to their size so go ahead and get the size you usually use.

addidas adipower


Now as far as Adipowers vs Romaleos goes its hard to say because they are both great shoes, you really cant go wrong with either one. The Adidas are single strap and real leather while the Nikes have dual straps and are made of synthetic leather. However these shoes are pretty much dead even as far as performances goes so i would have to say to pick whichever looks better to you or is on sale at the time.


To check out the current price of the Adidas Adipower click here to go to amazon.


  • real leather
  • TPU heel
  • built like a tank


  • expensive retail price
  • lack of color options





  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Weightlifting shoe with breathable upper featuring lace-up vamp, hook-and-loop strap, and perforated toe box for added ventilation
  • Weightlifting-engineered, lightweight injected polymer in structured strength design
  • AdiWear outsole for high-wear durability and grip
  • Vent flow outsole openings for comfortable foot climateamazon big button