Nike Metcon 2 Review


The highly anticipated Nike Metcon 2 is finally upon us (if you missed the review of the 1s you can find it HERE). The Metcon 2’s are Nikes second shot at taking down the most popular CrossFit shoe on the market the Reebok Nano 5.0s.

For the Metcon 2’s Nike decided to improve small flaws from its predecessor instead of redesigning the whole shoe. They did this the right way by listening to what the consumers and athletes wanted done and implementing that on the shoe. While the Metcon 2’s are very similar to the 1’s you can definitely feet the difference once you step foot in the gym.



When I first strapped on my new pair of Nike Metcon 2s I was surprised at how well they fit me. The heel was snug, I had room to breath in the toe box area, the width was just right, and I felt secure all around. I felt lower to the ground and noticed how light these shoes were immediately. Also I would like to add that the Metcon 2s are true to size, but fit slightly more snug then the 1s are.





Nike upped the durability on the second version of the Metcons by adding TPU to the spots that needed it most including the heel area, the toe box, and the upper forefoot area. Nikes popular fly-wire is used throughout the shoe to help it be as durable as possible during your workouts. Nikes most unique feature with these innovative kicks is a “zero-friction” heel tab that makes handstand pushups easier by allowing your feet to freely move up and down the wall. While handstand pushups might not be your thing its an awesome feature that I am sure will be copied by other companies in the near future.


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As far as looks go I thought the Metcon 1s were the best looking shoes available until the Metcon 2s came out. There are only a few colorways available now but there will be more in the future (Nike likes to space out colorways). If you cant wait until then and dont like the colors that are available now ill tell you a little known secret; the Metcon 2s are available on nike id which means you can make a custom pair at home featuring many different color combinations and designs. They also allow you to write your initials or a small Nike design on them, just be prepared to wait a few weeks for them and add some extra money on top of the regular Metcons. I personally am a fan of red shoes but was not blown away by the current colorway so I created this pair.

metcon 2 ID


I was anxious to see how the new Metcons would handle heavy lifts manly squats and deadlifts. Over all they did well in both lifts, they hold your foot in place a little better then the Metcon 1s which made a huge difference while squatting. The heel was secure and firm while squatting much like the 1’s were.

The Metcons make running as comfortable as you can get with a cross training shoe. While most cross training shoes say they are made for running up to 5k generally speaking they don’t do it comfortably. However running was the one of the biggest upsides of the original Nike Metcon 1s as they were comfortable as a running shoe. The 2’s are the same way so your going to need a new excuse for skipping your cardio.                          

NIKE-METCON-2-AMPLIFY- BLUES MONDAYS                                                                      OVERALL

At the end of the day these shoes took a place in my heart that previously belonged to my Reebok Nano 5.0s. They are great in any situation you can put them in and they do it with style. I have been wearing them everywhere for a few weeks now and I haven’t had any issues with these shoes. If your in the need of a new gym shoe definitely give the Nike Metcon 2’s a try.

One things for sure these are great overall gym shoes and can handle any task you throw at them.

To see the current price of the Nike Metcon 2s check out Amazon here




The Nike Metcon 2 Men’s Training Shoe features a flat, stable platform and dual-density foam for stability and cushioning during intense workouts. Firm and sticky rubbers create durable traction and extra support.

  • Flat, stable platform for explosive lift
  • Zero-drag heel for hand-stand pushups
  • Flywire technology provides a locked-down fit
  • Abrasion-resistant film helps protect against high-heat friction
  • Dual-density foam midsole for cushioning and durable support
  • Firm rubber in the outsole heel and sticky rubber in the toe for stability and traction”NIKE-METCON-2SIDE_ORANGE

Chuck Taylors for lifting?


A lot of people are surprised when they first head to the gym and see some of the bigger guys using Chucks for lifting. Some ignorant soles might even laugh not knowing the reason behind this phenomenon taking place at gyms all across the country. Little do they know the benefits those classy Chuck Taylors provide over the old running shoes they have on their feet when it comes to lifting weights.


Chuck Taylors were first produced in 1917 as a basketball shoe, though they definitely lack the technology of basketball shoes produced today their firm rubber sole and simple canvas upper is a favorite of power lifters and gym rats today. Allow me to explain the Top 5 reasons Chucks are great for the gym and why you need to throw a pair in your gym bag.



Chuck Taylors have a firm sole

The sole on Chuck Taylors sole is made of firm rubber. The benefit to this is that they wont compress as much during load as your running shoes will. Running shoes are made to compress the force which helps with running but while squatting for example that force helps you keep your feet stable.


The sole is relatively flat

Before the term heel toe got popular Chuck Taylors have been providing a flat sole. Why does this matter for your weight lifting goals? Because a flat sole provides you a stable surface while working out. The sole is also low which helps you stay more planted to the floor.


They are comfortable 

Lets be honest comfort is an important thing for footwear especially when just starting out in the gym. The last thing you want to do when starting out is wear shoes or clothing that makes you feel uncomfortable. The canvas that all stars are made of allow them to move with your foot which supplies a surprisingly good fit for many different foot types and has no restrictions to your ankle mobility which can be a big thing for some lifters.

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They are cheap

This is one of the top reasons people choose them for the gym, how cheap are they? Well a lot of people already have a pair chilling in their closet somewhere so in that case they are free. Some of the weight lifting shoes available  cost as much as $200, however you can usually get a pair of chucks for around 60 bucks if not cheaper so it can be a big difference. While weight lifting shoes do provide many benefits the cost might not be worth it to you or your budget.


They are stylish

Yeah you heard that right, there is a reason people have been wearing them for almost 100 years. The simple design and millions of available colors help you look cool when your pushing those weights up. You never see people walking around in weight lifting shoes but you see people in chucks all the time.


So now that you know about the benefits of Chuck Taylors for lifting maybe its time to use those running shoes strictly for running and pull out those old Chucks you haven’t worn in a while. If you need to treat yourself to a new pair you can find them HERE.

red converse

  • Cheap
  • Comfortable
  • Flat rubber sole
  • Classic look
  • Canvas upper

Why your gym shoes could be hurting your gains

guy in gym shoes

Like most people when I started lifting weights a long time ago I wore an old pair of running shoes I had laying in my closet. Little did I know at the time the importance of using the proper footwear for the task at hand. Later down the road a friend told me that I should look into some new shoes because running shoes are not good gym shoes. Then he told me that running shoes are made with extra cushioning that helps with running but can be detrimental in the weight lifting department. Then he told me running shoes are made with extra cushioning that allows you to run longer comfortably and prevent injuries. While this is good for running it can hinder you during weight lifting.


Soon after I started using some chucks I had that I haven’t worn in forever, while they were much more stable then the running shoes I previously used they had their limitations. They sucked for running and they didn’t provide enough grip for what I was doing. I later researched and gave some cross training shoes a try and they didn’t disappoint. I saw my lifts go up and felt much more confident in my lifts. Looking back I don’t know how I ever managed before I made the change.


Cross Training shoes are made to be all around gym shoes, they take parts of different shoe types and put them into one shoe.



  • Cross Training shoes are made for whatever you can throw at them, They provide a stable surface to for lifting weights
  • A low heel to toe drop gives you a flat surface
  • Using less cushioning then running shoes keeps you from sinking into your shoe



  • While cross trainers use less cushioning then running shoes you can still run in them, most can be used up to 5k comfortably



  • Most cross trainers uppers are mesh to let your feet breathe and are reinforced with a hard material to provide strength



  • You need to do box jumps, climb rope, run, do lateral movements, or lift? Well guess what Cross Trainers are made to handle what ever you can


Now the advantage of having stable shoes while putting heavy weights up and down should be obvious a lot of people still don’t know that there is a better option then what they are using. Hurry up and make a gym investment that will make a major improvement for your workouts. You can find our top 4 cross training shoes here.


gym shoes on floor

adidas adipower review

addidas adipower

Adidas has been a leader in the weightlifting shoe market for over forty years and they haven’t disappointed with their latest addition. Before I start this review let me briefly describe what true weightlifting shoes are and how they can benefit you. Weightlifting shoes have a hard raised heel which gives you a stable surface and allow you to go deeper in your squats especially if you lack ankle mobility. It is not uncommon to see people report huge improvements in the weight they are able to squat in weightlifting shoes compared to others. Weightlifting shoes are not all around gym shoes they are used for a few Olympic lifts and then can be swapped out for other shoes. The reason being is the raised heel is not an ideal position for many lifts. Generally they are used for different variations of squats or power cleans.



The Adipowers start making the case for best weightlifting shoe as soon as you lay eyes on them. The sleek look and high quality leather tell you they mean business. Although they are lacking color choices with only two current colorways the two they have are very neutral with a red/black and a white/black.

The .75 inch heel is made of TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane just like is Nike competition. TPU adds the ample support and density needed for those heavy squats that your doing or wish to do. A well placed single strap design allows you to get a tighter fit then laces alone would provide.


adipower heel

adipower grip

amazon big buttonThe Adipowers are known to be unmatched in durability and can usually last over five years when used properly. Adiwear outsole is a welecomed addition because it adds durability to the place you need it most the sole. As far as sizing goes the Adipowers are true to their size so go ahead and get the size you usually use.

addidas adipower


Now as far as Adipowers vs Romaleos goes its hard to say because they are both great shoes, you really cant go wrong with either one. The Adidas are single strap and real leather while the Nikes have dual straps and are made of synthetic leather. However these shoes are pretty much dead even as far as performances goes so i would have to say to pick whichever looks better to you or is on sale at the time.


To check out the current price of the Adidas Adipower click here to go to amazon.


  • real leather
  • TPU heel
  • built like a tank


  • expensive retail price
  • lack of color options





  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Weightlifting shoe with breathable upper featuring lace-up vamp, hook-and-loop strap, and perforated toe box for added ventilation
  • Weightlifting-engineered, lightweight injected polymer in structured strength design
  • AdiWear outsole for high-wear durability and grip
  • Vent flow outsole openings for comfortable foot climateamazon big button


do win small

You might not know much about Pendlay but they have been in this weightlifting game for a long time. They make many products including weights, bars, and other exercise equipment. Here we review their latest the 2013 Pendlay Do Win weightlifting shoes. This shoe features all the great features that made the older models good but added in some flavor in the design. Though they are not as flashy in design as some of the competitors they are a proven hardcore weightlifting shoe at a bargain price.


The new Do Wins feature a real leather and heavy duty nylon mesh throughout. These shoes have plenty of mesh which is something you don’t usually see on weightlifting shoes. Its a nice feature to help keep your feet cool and ventilated. A standard ¾ inch raised heel is in place making squats heel more natural which also assist in squat depth. This solid heel gives you the stability you need when your lifting heavy weight over your back. They also added a single sole design through out which makes the sole incredibly strong and more flexible.

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The design on these shoes are good, while not as flashy as the Addidas and the Nikes they still are decent looking shoes. They come in three colorways for men and three for woman which should leave most people satisfied.




After looking at hundreds of reviews I saw a common theme of some people having the soles separate. Mind you some of these people where not using this shoe for its intended purposes which is Olympic lifts. I personally have not experienced this problem however its something to think about before making your purchase. Also they come with a warranty if purchased through amazon. These shoes are priced at almost half of some of the other top weightlifting shoes so it might be worth the risk to you. Also I would like to add that for sizing you want to go a half size down from your regular running or gym shoe size. These are great staring weight lifting shoes because of the price. The are all the features you look for in a weightlifting shoe at a fraction of the price.


Click Here to see the current price on Amazon



do win bottom


  • Men’s shoes fit 1/2 size down from you running / training shoe size
  • Heel is 3/4 inch in height, the preferred height in Olympic Lifting.
  • Features real leather with heavy duty black nylon mesh throughout. The most significant change to the shoe is the sole design, with a single sole design throughout, making the sole incredibly strong and flexible.
  • The 2013 Pendlay Weightlifting shoes are warrantied for 90 days. Although the sole is greatly improved we still recommend only using these shoes for Olympic Weightlifting.



  • Fraction of the cost of competitors
  • Trust worthy company in the weightlifting community
  • Come with warranty


  • Possible problem with sole separation  amazon big button

nike metcon 1 review

metcon 1 green

The Nike Metcon 1 was introduced in 2015 to combat Reeboks popular crossfit nano series. The name Metcon is a term used in some circles of the fitness community meaning metabolic conditioning. The Metcons were Nikes first time putting out a competitive “crossfit shoe” and has quickly become the biggest competitor of the nanos. The competition wasn’t welcomed however and the crossfit games banned the Nikes because of there exclusive sponsorship with Reebok. This didn’t stop the consumers however and the Metcon 1’s were one of the most anticipated shoes to drop in 2015 and quickly sold out everywhere. Nike quickly started to up play the beef with Reebok by making and add stating “ Don’t ban our shoe. Beat our shoe.” and adding a new color way that is similar to the Jordan 1s that were banned by the NBA in 1984.


metcon banned addamazon big button


Now that you know the history of Nikes Metcon 1s lets get into what allows this shoe to to challenge the champion of cross training shoes. Nike managed to make these shoes light at 11.2oz by utilizing lightweight Vectran filaments or flywire as Nike calls it. The flywire also provides a much needed breathable material that ensures your feet stay cool even during your most grueling workout.


The heel to toe drop is minimal at 4mm which helps provide a flat stable surface for lifting iron. While they are sturdy enough for lifting they also are surprisingly comfortable for runs. While cross training shoes really vary on how much actual running or jogging you can comfortably do in them the Metcons are one of the best. They have slightly more cushioning then the Reebok Nanos which you notice after running in both shoes. They are not running shoes,  I would not run a marathon in these but they definitely are decent for running and about as good as you are going to get from a cross training shoe. If your a regular rope climber these are the shoes for you because they feature a rubber padding on the mid-sole which helps provide grip on the rope.


As far as colors nike delivered on this one making enough colorways to please everyone and making a couple limited edition colorways as well. The beautiful design is pleasant to the eye which is welcomed from a guy that looks at gym shoes everyday.


To check on the current price of the Nike Metcon 1 Click Here to visit amazon.




Rumors say that Nike is going to release the Nike Metcon 2s sometime in 2016. Though no offical release date has been stated be sure to come back for that reviw when they release.



  • lightweight
  • sturdy
  • comfortable/ good for running
  • beautiful design


  • expensive retail price


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Reebok Nano 5.0

nano 5.0

Whether you need a shoe to do your crossfit WOD or your just looking for the best all around gym shoe on the market you came to the right place. The nano series has been the most popular shoe for crossfitters for  good reason. They are a great for so many things lifting weights, running short distances, box jumps, climbing rope, and olympic lifts; they are very versatile shoes.

Here we review the claimed strongest and lightest Reebok crossfit nano yet. In 2015 Reebok decided to make another change to there ever popular nano line with the release of the nano 5.0. It was highly anticipated as all the recent reebok crossfit shoes have been and let me tell you they did not disappoint. The nano 5.0 is a certified light weight at 10 oz which is a few oz lighter then its successor. Remarkably it is also stronger thanks to  Dupoint Kevlar infused upper mesh. You heard that right kevlar the same thing they make ballistic vest with is in place to secure your feet without compromising weight.  Compression Molded Ethyl Vinyl Acetate or CMEVA allows the shoe to provide a comfortable fit to your feet. 

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Reebook decided that the 4mm toe to heel drop they have used in the past wasn’t flat enough so they dropped it another mm giving it a 3 mm drop. Will you notice the difference in stability from 1mm? probably not but you never know. A raised outsole lug pattern is in place to give better surface area contact and to improve traction. The sole is made with RopePro carbon rubber which should add some reliability to the area grueling workouts like to tear up first. The Polyurethane NanoShell adds extra defense against midsole abrasion and added foot support during heavy lifts. Like Reebok has done in the past they have decided to release the new nanos in plenty of colorways, making finding your favorite color so much easier.

nano 5.o bottom

Overall Reebok once again made a great shoe that all the pros are wearing for obvious reasons. I must say the difference between these and Nikes Metcons is minimal, We found  the Nanos to be slightly more stable while the Metcons have slightly more cusioning making running further a little easier.However these differences are minimal and you wont realize it unless you wear both shoes back to back. In the end whichever of these shoes you decide to get will be a great choice. 


Click Here to see the current price on Amazon


nano 5.0 2nano 2









Polyurethane NanoShell
DuPont Kevlar infused mesh upper for airflow and extreme durability.
Raised outsole lug patterns for better surface area contact and improved traction.
RopePro carbon rubber to withstand demanding CrossFit maneuvers.
*CMEVA for better cushion and an anatomical heel and footbed for a secure fit
3mm toe to heel drop
Weight: 10 oz @ size 9


  • light weight
  • strong materials
  • many different colorways


  • slightly pricey when fist released

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Nike Romaleo Review

romaleos white

Nike romaleos entered the game in 2008 to add a stylist competitor to the popular Adidas adipowers which have been huge in the weightlifting shoe game since the 70s. Before I start this review let me briefly describe what true weightlifting shoes are and how they can benefit you. Weightlifting shoes have a hard raised heel which gives you a stable surface and allow you to go deeper in your squats especially if you lack ankle mobility. It is not uncommon to see people report huge improvements in the weight they are able to squat in weightlifting shoes compared to others. Weightlifting shoes are not all around gym shoes, they are used for a few olympic lifts.  The reason being is the raised heel is not an ideal position for many lifts, generally they are only used for different variations of squats or power cleans.

romaleos white


The second generation of the Romaleos was originally released in 2012 just in time for the olympics in London. While the looks of the shoe look very simular they have been improved from the inside out. Nike managed to lower the weight by 50 grams bringing the total weight down to 15.8 oz, which is pretty light for a weightlifting shoe.

Nike decided to go with a high quality synthetic leather which might make you think its inferior to the adipower real leather, however these shoes are known tho last for a few years. The heel which is .75” is made of TPU also known as Themoplastic Urethane. The solid TPU heel gives ample support and stability for even the heaviest squatters. A two strap design allows the shoes to adjust the fit to the users unique foot, making sure everyone gets that tight fit you                                                                                                  desperately need while squatting heavy.

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romaleos sideromaleos back

The Romaleos might have competition in the functional department but as far as looks are concerned they are second to none.With ten colors to choose from as opposed to the Adipowers three current colorways the Nike’s take the win in that battle.

If at this point your still undecided on Romaleos vs Adipowers I have bad news, performance wise I cant put one over another they are both great shoes. They both are made of high quality materials and feature similar technology. I have to say which ever shoe looks better between the two should be your choice and I promise you wont unsatisfied with the shoes.

As far as fit goes you will want to go a half size down from your normal Nike running/ casual shoes. These shoes run slightly large and you want to make sure that you have a nice tight fit.

Click Here to see the current price on amazon

romaleos orange


  • Two strap design
  • Top of the line TPU heel
  • Look awesome



  • synthetic leather
  • expensive amazon big button

New Balance Minimus MX20v4 Review

nb minimus

New Balance has been very popular in making minimal shoes for the last few years. Vibrams is also a very famous minimal shoe company and their shoes are known for many applications including military boots. Well they decided to have a baby and make the shoes im about to tell you about. Where these shoes differ from most of the cross trainers we test is in the material or lack there of, there is nothing on these shoes that doesn’t need to be there.

nb mx20

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The 20v4s keep your feet planted to the ground with the man made Vibram outsole that provides multi-directional traction. The REVlite midsole provides responsiveness while staying comfortable. A 4mm heal toe drop gives you a flat surface which helps keep you stable during those heavier lifts. 

minimus sole
One thing to add about these new balances is they are not the cross training shoes you want if you plan on running in them often. While they like most cross trainers can be used to run short distances they opted to provide a lower more barefoot stable feel then cushion that would help keep comfort during running.  This low to the ground feel however is super stable and great for olympic lifts especially deadlifts.


So you decided you want a light weight cross training shoe? Well here it is. The minimus is the lightest shoe we have reviewed to date weighing in at a 6.5oz which makes it a certified featherweight. Odor resistance materials also allow these shoes to be worn with or without socks.


nb minimus top

While they are not as flashy as some of the other cross trainers we review here these are still quality gym shoes. New balances no frills approach to the these shoes make them a top tier gym shoe that you can get for a fraction of the cost of some of the more popular shoes. 


Check out the current price click here to visit amazon



4 mm drop: due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all r4 mm 4mm drop
No-sew material application
Odor resistant
Synthetic/mesh upper
Vibram(r) outsole provides maximum surface contact and multi-directional traction. Vibram is a registered trademark of Vibram S.p.A. All rights reserved



  • Lightweight
  •  cheaper then alternatives
  •  barefoot like feel


  • Not great for running


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Inove-8 F-Lite 235 Review


If you never heard of Inov-8 they are a British company that started in 2003 specializing in lightweight, flexible, and off road shoes. They became famous because they went against the conventional way of making off road running shoes; they allowed the runner the feel the ground underneath allow them to react differently based on the terrain. Well within the last five years or so they have become an international company and expanded from just making specialized trail running shoes.

The inov-8 differs from our other gym shoe reviews because it is zero drop. Meaning that the heel to to difference is zero mm giving you the most stable platform to start with. Your feet sit only 9mm above the ground giving you a nice low feel which is great for olympic lifts like the deadlift. Like the new balance minimus we reviewed these shoes are minalmalist at heart meaning that any material that doesn’t need on these shoes isn’t. They of course are also super light weighing in at only 8.5 oz, these are about as light as you can get as far as gym shoes go.


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These shoes were made with fitness in mind and its easy to tell by looking at all the features they packed in this light package. The F-LITE 234 features 360 degree Rope-Tec which gives the inov-8s top of the line strength while staying lightweight. Rope-Tec is also is great for rope climbing it adds durability, provides grip, and helps to grip the rope.

A seamless toe bumper was added to increase cushioning and protection during burpees. The heel is 40% denser then the previous model which provides stability during heavy lifts. A lot of shoes add features that you might not even notice but trust me you will notice a much denser heel during a workout session.inov8 bottomm

Overall these shoes are a great option if you prefer a barefoot type shoe for your workouts. They are strong and lightweight which are two of the most important things to look for as far as cross training shoes go. As said before if you plan on running far distances in your gym shoes you might want to look else where, usually 5k is the shut off point for cross trainers. However if your running over 5k you really should buy a pair of dedicated running shoes to compliment your gym shoes. The Inov-8s are reasonably price, slightly lower then the Nikes and Reeboks we have also reviewed, making them a great buy. 



Click Here to see current price on Amazon


  • Synthetic sole
  • zero heel-toe drop
  • Rote-Tec midfoot durability reinforcements
  • Multi-directional Meta-Flex technology


  • Affordable price
  • All around strong shoe
  • Barefoot like feel


  • Not the best cross trainers if planning on running a lot in them

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Adidas Powerlift 2 Review

powelifts blue

The Adidas Powerlift 2s are a weird shoe, not because of there design or anything like that but because of where they fit into the gym shoe world. They kind of make there own category, they want to be weightlifting shoes but they don’t have the almost standard ¾ inch heel that weightlifting shoes do, they have a .6 inch heel. In a way they are a hybrid weightlifting shoe. While they have a solid raised heel that can provide ample support for squats they can also do what weightlifting shoes cant, go outside of the squat rack. You can use these shoes for pretty much any weight lifting motion however the raised heel isn’t optimal for some lifts. Obviously you wont be running around or doing rope climbs with these (try Cross Trainers) but they are good at what they are made for.

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Another reason why these cant be real weightlifting shoes is the price. Generally priced well under a hundred dollars they don’t really fit into this group of shoes which are often over twice the price. So why are these so much cheaper? Well for one they are made of synthetic leather as opposed to the real leather that you will find on some weightlifting shoes. Also the sole is made of rubber compound which does compress compared to the wood or composite TPU used in most weightlifting shoes. While these shoes do feel cheap compared to other more expensive weightlifting shoes the actual build quality seems to be pretty good.

powerlifts front

They come in a lot of different colorways ranging from a subtle all black to a screaming yellow that you cant miss. Which is a nice thing because most of the weightlifting shoes only come in two or three color choices. As far as looks go the design on them has a lot going on for a shoe of this kind but is not too busy. 

powerlift yellow

Okay so the real question is are these shoes worth it? The answer is yes depending on what your looking for. If your doing weight lifting competitions or squating a good amount of weight then you should go straight to the big boys, the Adipowers or Romaleos. However if you never had a pair of weightlifting shoes and your not sure if they are for you then this is a great place to start before you make a huge investment. At the end of the day the Adidas Powerlift 2.0 are a good choice as an entry level weightlifting shoe.


click here to see the current price on amazon



  • Rubber sole
  • Weight distribution plate provides stability; wider-fitting last offers increased beneficial comfort
  • Synthetic leather delivers support and durability; synthetic 3-Stripes provide lightweight support
  • Weightlifting-engineered, high-density die-cut midsole wedge offers lightweight stability
  • Heel-support design focuses on integral rear of foot for superb lightweight support
  • Non-marking, patterned outsole provides consistent grip and durability
  • Wider fitting last offers increased, beneficial comfort
  • Specifically-Configured lowered heel height for cross-training regimen involving weightlifting
  • Weightlifting-Engineered, high density die-cut midsole wedge offers lightweight stability
  • Single instep strap provides additional rear foot integrity
  • Synthetic leather provides light weight, support, and durability amazon big button