Chuck Taylors for lifting?

A lot of people are surprised when they first head to the gym and see some of the bigger guys using Chucks for lifting. Some ignorant soles might even laugh not knowing the reason behind this phenomenon taking place at gyms all across the country. Little do they know the benefits those classy Chuck Taylors provide over the old running shoes they have on their feet when it comes to lifting weights.


Chuck Taylors were first produced in 1917 as a basketball shoe, though they definitely lack the technology of basketball shoes produced today their firm rubber sole and simple canvas upper is a favorite of power lifters and gym rats today. Allow me to explain the Top 5 reasons Chucks are great for the gym and why you need to throw a pair in your gym bag.



Chuck Taylors have a firm sole

The sole on Chuck Taylors sole is made of firm rubber. The benefit to this is that they wont compress as much during load as your running shoes will. Running shoes are made to compress the force which helps with running but while squatting for example that force helps you keep your feet stable.


The sole is relatively flat

Before the term heel toe got popular Chuck Taylors have been providing a flat sole. Why does this matter for your weight lifting goals? Because a flat sole provides you a stable surface while working out. The sole is also low which helps you stay more planted to the floor.


They are comfortable 

Lets be honest comfort is an important thing for footwear especially when just starting out in the gym. The last thing you want to do when starting out is wear shoes or clothing that makes you feel uncomfortable. The canvas that all stars are made of allow them to move with your foot which supplies a surprisingly good fit for many different foot types and has no restrictions to your ankle mobility which can be a big thing for some lifters.

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They are cheap

This is one of the top reasons people choose them for the gym, how cheap are they? Well a lot of people already have a pair chilling in their closet somewhere so in that case they are free. Some of the weight lifting shoes available  cost as much as $200, however you can usually get a pair of chucks for around 60 bucks if not cheaper so it can be a big difference. While weight lifting shoes do provide many benefits the cost might not be worth it to you or your budget.


They are stylish

Yeah you heard that right, there is a reason people have been wearing them for almost 100 years. The simple design and millions of available colors help you look cool when your pushing those weights up. You never see people walking around in weight lifting shoes but you see people in chucks all the time.


So now that you know about the benefits of Chuck Taylors for lifting maybe its time to use those running shoes strictly for running and pull out those old Chucks you haven’t worn in a while. If you need to treat yourself to a new pair you can find them HERE.

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  • Cheap
  • Comfortable
  • Flat rubber sole
  • Classic look
  • Canvas upper