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nike metcon 1 review

The Nike Metcon 1 was introduced in 2015 to combat Reeboks popular crossfit nano series. The name Metcon is a term used in some circles of the fitness community meaning metabolic conditioning. The Metcons were Nikes first time putting out a competitive “crossfit shoe” and has quickly become the biggest competitor of the nanos. The competition wasn’t welcomed however and the crossfit games banned the Nikes because of there exclusive sponsorship with Reebok. This didn’t stop the consumers however and the Metcon 1’s were one of the most anticipated shoes to drop in 2015 and quickly sold out everywhere. Nike quickly started to up play the beef with Reebok by making and add stating “ Don’t ban our shoe. Beat our shoe.” and adding a new color way that is similar to the Jordan 1s that were banned by the NBA in 1984.


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Now that you know the history of Nikes Metcon 1s lets get into what allows this shoe to to challenge the champion of cross training shoes. Nike managed to make these shoes light at 11.2oz by utilizing lightweight Vectran filaments or flywire as Nike calls it. The flywire also provides a much needed breathable material that ensures your feet stay cool even during your most grueling workout.


The heel to toe drop is minimal at 4mm which helps provide a flat stable surface for lifting iron. While they are sturdy enough for lifting they also are surprisingly comfortable for runs. While cross training shoes really vary on how much actual running or jogging you can comfortably do in them the Metcons are one of the best. They have slightly more cushioning then the Reebok Nanos which you notice after running in both shoes. They are not running shoes,  I would not run a marathon in these but they definitely are decent for running and about as good as you are going to get from a cross training shoe. If your a regular rope climber these are the shoes for you because they feature a rubber padding on the mid-sole which helps provide grip on the rope.


As far as colors nike delivered on this one making enough colorways to please everyone and making a couple limited edition colorways as well. The beautiful design is pleasant to the eye which is welcomed from a guy that looks at gym shoes everyday.


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Rumors say that Nike is going to release the Nike Metcon 2s sometime in 2016. Though no offical release date has been stated be sure to come back for that reviw when they release.



  • lightweight
  • sturdy
  • comfortable/ good for running
  • beautiful design


  • expensive retail price


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