Nike Metcon 2 Review

The highly anticipated Nike Metcon 2 is finally upon us (if you missed the review of the 1s you can find it HERE). The Metcon 2’s are Nikes second shot at taking down the most popular CrossFit shoe on the market the Reebok Nano 5.0s.

For the Metcon 2’s Nike decided to improve small flaws from its predecessor instead of redesigning the whole shoe. They did this the right way by listening to what the consumers and athletes wanted done and implementing that on the shoe. While the Metcon 2’s are very similar to the 1’s you can definitely feet the difference once you step foot in the gym.



When I first strapped on my new pair of Nike Metcon 2s I was surprised at how well they fit me. The heel was snug, I had room to breath in the toe box area, the width was just right, and I felt secure all around. I felt lower to the ground and noticed how light these shoes were immediately. Also I would like to add that the Metcon 2s are true to size, but fit slightly more snug then the 1s are.





Nike upped the durability on the second version of the Metcons by adding TPU to the spots that needed it most including the heel area, the toe box, and the upper forefoot area. Nikes popular fly-wire is used throughout the shoe to help it be as durable as possible during your workouts. Nikes most unique feature with these innovative kicks is a “zero-friction” heel tab that makes handstand pushups easier by allowing your feet to freely move up and down the wall. While handstand pushups might not be your thing its an awesome feature that I am sure will be copied by other companies in the near future.


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As far as looks go I thought the Metcon 1s were the best looking shoes available until the Metcon 2s came out. There are only a few colorways available now but there will be more in the future (Nike likes to space out colorways). If you cant wait until then and dont like the colors that are available now ill tell you a little known secret; the Metcon 2s are available on nike id which means you can make a custom pair at home featuring many different color combinations and designs. They also allow you to write your initials or a small Nike design on them, just be prepared to wait a few weeks for them and add some extra money on top of the regular Metcons. I personally am a fan of red shoes but was not blown away by the current colorway so I created this pair.

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I was anxious to see how the new Metcons would handle heavy lifts manly squats and deadlifts. Over all they did well in both lifts, they hold your foot in place a little better then the Metcon 1s which made a huge difference while squatting. The heel was secure and firm while squatting much like the 1’s were.

The Metcons make running as comfortable as you can get with a cross training shoe. While most cross training shoes say they are made for running up to 5k generally speaking they don’t do it comfortably. However running was the one of the biggest upsides of the original Nike Metcon 1s as they were comfortable as a running shoe. The 2’s are the same way so your going to need a new excuse for skipping your cardio.                          

NIKE-METCON-2-AMPLIFY- BLUES MONDAYS                                                                      OVERALL

At the end of the day these shoes took a place in my heart that previously belonged to my Reebok Nano 5.0s. They are great in any situation you can put them in and they do it with style. I have been wearing them everywhere for a few weeks now and I haven’t had any issues with these shoes. If your in the need of a new gym shoe definitely give the Nike Metcon 2’s a try.

One things for sure these are great overall gym shoes and can handle any task you throw at them.

To see the current price of the Nike Metcon 2s check out Amazon here




The Nike Metcon 2 Men’s Training Shoe features a flat, stable platform and dual-density foam for stability and cushioning during intense workouts. Firm and sticky rubbers create durable traction and extra support.

  • Flat, stable platform for explosive lift
  • Zero-drag heel for hand-stand pushups
  • Flywire technology provides a locked-down fit
  • Abrasion-resistant film helps protect against high-heat friction
  • Dual-density foam midsole for cushioning and durable support
  • Firm rubber in the outsole heel and sticky rubber in the toe for stability and traction”NIKE-METCON-2SIDE_ORANGE