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Nike Romaleo Review

Nike romaleos entered the game in 2008 to add a stylist competitor to the popular Adidas adipowers which have been huge in the weightlifting shoe game since the 70s. Before I start this review let me briefly describe what true weightlifting shoes are and how they can benefit you. Weightlifting shoes have a hard raised heel which gives you a stable surface and allow you to go deeper in your squats especially if you lack ankle mobility. It is not uncommon to see people report huge improvements in the weight they are able to squat in weightlifting shoes compared to others. Weightlifting shoes are not all around gym shoes, they are used for a few olympic lifts.  The reason being is the raised heel is not an ideal position for many lifts, generally they are only used for different variations of squats or power cleans.

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The second generation of the Romaleos was originally released in 2012 just in time for the olympics in London. While the looks of the shoe look very simular they have been improved from the inside out. Nike managed to lower the weight by 50 grams bringing the total weight down to 15.8 oz, which is pretty light for a weightlifting shoe.

Nike decided to go with a high quality synthetic leather which might make you think its inferior to the adipower real leather, however these shoes are known tho last for a few years. The heel which is .75” is made of TPU also known as Themoplastic Urethane. The solid TPU heel gives ample support and stability for even the heaviest squatters. A two strap design allows the shoes to adjust the fit to the users unique foot, making sure everyone gets that tight fit you                                                                                                  desperately need while squatting heavy.

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The Romaleos might have competition in the functional department but as far as looks are concerned they are second to none.With ten colors to choose from as opposed to the Adipowers three current colorways the Nike’s take the win in that battle.

If at this point your still undecided on Romaleos vs Adipowers I have bad news, performance wise I cant put one over another they are both great shoes. They both are made of high quality materials and feature similar technology. I have to say which ever shoe looks better between the two should be your choice and I promise you wont unsatisfied with the shoes.

As far as fit goes you will want to go a half size down from your normal Nike running/ casual shoes. These shoes run slightly large and you want to make sure that you have a nice tight fit.

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  • Two strap design
  • Top of the line TPU heel
  • Look awesome



  • synthetic leather
  • expensive amazon big button