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You might not know much about Pendlay but they have been in this weightlifting game for a long time. They make many products including weights, bars, and other exercise equipment. Here we review their latest the 2013 Pendlay Do Win weightlifting shoes. This shoe features all the great features that made the older models good but added in some flavor in the design. Though they are not as flashy in design as some of the competitors they are a proven hardcore weightlifting shoe at a bargain price.


The new Do Wins feature a real leather and heavy duty nylon mesh throughout. These shoes have plenty of mesh which is something you don’t usually see on weightlifting shoes. Its a nice feature to help keep your feet cool and ventilated. A standard ¾ inch raised heel is in place making squats heel more natural which also assist in squat depth. This solid heel gives you the stability you need when your lifting heavy weight over your back. They also added a single sole design through out which makes the sole incredibly strong and more flexible.

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The design on these shoes are good, while not as flashy as the Addidas and the Nikes they still are decent looking shoes. They come in three colorways for men and three for woman which should leave most people satisfied.




After looking at hundreds of reviews I saw a common theme of some people having the soles separate. Mind you some of these people where not using this shoe for its intended purposes which is Olympic lifts. I personally have not experienced this problem however its something to think about before making your purchase. Also they come with a warranty if purchased through amazon. These shoes are priced at almost half of some of the other top weightlifting shoes so it might be worth the risk to you. Also I would like to add that for sizing you want to go a half size down from your regular running or gym shoe size. These are great staring weight lifting shoes because of the price. The are all the features you look for in a weightlifting shoe at a fraction of the price.


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  • Men’s shoes fit 1/2 size down from you running / training shoe size
  • Heel is 3/4 inch in height, the preferred height in Olympic Lifting.
  • Features real leather with heavy duty black nylon mesh throughout. The most significant change to the shoe is the sole design, with a single sole design throughout, making the sole incredibly strong and flexible.
  • The 2013 Pendlay Weightlifting shoes are warrantied for 90 days. Although the sole is greatly improved we still recommend only using these shoes for Olympic Weightlifting.



  • Fraction of the cost of competitors
  • Trust worthy company in the weightlifting community
  • Come with warranty


  • Possible problem with sole separation  amazon big button