nano 5.0

Reebok Nano 5.0

Whether you need a shoe to do your crossfit WOD or your just looking for the best all around gym shoe on the market you came to the right place. The nano series has been the most popular shoe for crossfitters for  good reason. They are a great for so many things lifting weights, running short distances, box jumps, climbing rope, and olympic lifts; they are very versatile shoes.

Here we review the claimed strongest and lightest Reebok crossfit nano yet. In 2015 Reebok decided to make another change to there ever popular nano line with the release of the nano 5.0. It was highly anticipated as all the recent reebok crossfit shoes have been and let me tell you they did not disappoint. The nano 5.0 is a certified light weight at 10 oz which is a few oz lighter then its successor. Remarkably it is also stronger thanks to  Dupoint Kevlar infused upper mesh. You heard that right kevlar the same thing they make ballistic vest with is in place to secure your feet without compromising weight.  Compression Molded Ethyl Vinyl Acetate or CMEVA allows the shoe to provide a comfortable fit to your feet. 

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Reebook decided that the 4mm toe to heel drop they have used in the past wasn’t flat enough so they dropped it another mm giving it a 3 mm drop. Will you notice the difference in stability from 1mm? probably not but you never know. A raised outsole lug pattern is in place to give better surface area contact and to improve traction. The sole is made with RopePro carbon rubber which should add some reliability to the area grueling workouts like to tear up first. The Polyurethane NanoShell adds extra defense against midsole abrasion and added foot support during heavy lifts. Like Reebok has done in the past they have decided to release the new nanos in plenty of colorways, making finding your favorite color so much easier.

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Overall Reebok once again made a great shoe that all the pros are wearing for obvious reasons. I must say the difference between these and Nikes Metcons is minimal, We found  the Nanos to be slightly more stable while the Metcons have slightly more cusioning making running further a little easier.However these differences are minimal and you wont realize it unless you wear both shoes back to back. In the end whichever of these shoes you decide to get will be a great choice. 


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Polyurethane NanoShell
DuPont Kevlar infused mesh upper for airflow and extreme durability.
Raised outsole lug patterns for better surface area contact and improved traction.
RopePro carbon rubber to withstand demanding CrossFit maneuvers.
*CMEVA for better cushion and an anatomical heel and footbed for a secure fit
3mm toe to heel drop
Weight: 10 oz @ size 9


  • light weight
  • strong materials
  • many different colorways


  • slightly pricey when fist released

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