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Why your gym shoes could be hurting your gains

Like most people when I started lifting weights a long time ago I wore an old pair of running shoes I had laying in my closet. Little did I know at the time the importance of using the proper footwear for the task at hand. Later down the road a friend told me that I should look into some new shoes because running shoes are not good gym shoes. Then he told me that running shoes are made with extra cushioning that helps with running but can be detrimental in the weight lifting department. Then he told me running shoes are made with extra cushioning that allows you to run longer comfortably and prevent injuries. While this is good for running it can hinder you during weight lifting.


Soon after I started using some chucks I had that I haven’t worn in forever, while they were much more stable then the running shoes I previously used they had their limitations. They sucked for running and they didn’t provide enough grip for what I was doing. I later researched and gave some cross training shoes a try and they didn’t disappoint. I saw my lifts go up and felt much more confident in my lifts. Looking back I don’t know how I ever managed before I made the change.


Cross Training shoes are made to be all around gym shoes, they take parts of different shoe types and put them into one shoe.



  • Cross Training shoes are made for whatever you can throw at them, They provide a stable surface to for lifting weights
  • A low heel to toe drop gives you a flat surface
  • Using less cushioning then running shoes keeps you from sinking into your shoe



  • While cross trainers use less cushioning then running shoes you can still run in them, most can be used up to 5k comfortably



  • Most cross trainers uppers are mesh to let your feet breathe and are reinforced with a hard material to provide strength



  • You need to do box jumps, climb rope, run, do lateral movements, or lift? Well guess what Cross Trainers are made to handle what ever you can


Now the advantage of having stable shoes while putting heavy weights up and down should be obvious a lot of people still don’t know that there is a better option then what they are using. Hurry up and make a gym investment that will make a major improvement for your workouts. You can find our top 4 cross training shoes here.


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